AND THAT MEANS YOU Want To Give Up Smoking (1942)

most positive things you can do to both improve your wellbeing and lessen your risks of the long-term problems associated with the condition. But our approach to quitting smoking is the exact opposite. We want you to FACE and WELCOME All of the yearnings you get when you stop. We wish you to definitely TRANSFORM them. Once you have smoked your last cigarette, toss all of your ashtrays and lighters. Rinse any clothes that smell like smoking, and clean your carpets, draperies, and upholstery. Use air fresheners to get rid of that familiar fragrance. If you smoked in your vehicle, clean it out, too. You do not want to see or smell anything that reminds you of smoking.
Concentrate on the positive aspects of giving up smoking. Remember all the reasons why you want to kick nicotine out of the body with all its negative health repercussions. If you wish to give up smoking, make sure no-one else in the house is still puffing away as this may drag you down too. Risk of heart attack falls to the same level that it would be for someone who has never smoked.
The liquid found in e-cigarettes contains cigarette smoking which includes many negative health results, including high blood pressure and diabetes. Notify your midwife or doctor if you are still a cigarette smoker at the next appointment Honesty is a good plan for you as well as your baby. Your midwife or doctor will there be to help you, not evaluate you. You certainly won't be the first mom-to-be they've seen who's struggling to quit.
It's incredibly gratifying to set an objective and then achieve it, particularly if the journey is a hard one and you've were required to overcome obstacles. Just three times after smoking your previous cigarette your body will have started recovering. Your lung function will have already improved, signifying your heart will never have to pump quite as hard and fast as it does to keep your muscles supplied with oxygen-rich blood. This does mean you should start to feel more vigorous.
If you continue to smoke, and have asthma thats not well monitored, you'll be vulnerable to other lung conditions in addition to your asthma such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Even though you don't continue to develop other lung conditions your lung function will probably get worse if you smoke cigars. Studies have shown that about half of smokers survey experiencing at least four withdrawal symptoms (such as anger, stress and anxiety, or depression) when they leave ( 1 ). People have reported other symptoms, including dizziness, increased fantasizing, and headaches ( 2 ).

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